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Flow Measurement Solutions for the Steel Industry

Flow Meters for use in the steel industryFlow Technology now provides a line of robust and reliable flowmeters for use in critical liquid and gas flow applications in steel manufacturing.

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FTI's microLinK Temperature/Viscosity/ Density Compensated Linearized Pickoff

microLinK Smart PickoffFlow Technology's innovative new microLinK pickoff provides a mass or volume linearized flow output via a user configurable pulse output as well as via CANbus digital communications – all in the a package that weighs only 65 grams.

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Ceramic Ball Bearing Technical Bulletin

Download Technical BulletinsFlow Technology has extended the application range of its FT & HS Turbine Flowmeter series through the introduction of ceramic ball bearings that provide superior performance & corrosion resistance over traditional stainless steel and journal bearings in process applications.

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Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Electromagnetic FlowmetersFlow Technology introduces a range of precision electromagnetic flowmeters that deliver high accuracy over 1000:1 turndown. Read more

Welcome to Flow Technology

Flow Technology, recognized worldwide for providing specialized, high accuracy flow meters and flow metering solutions, offers an unmatched flow measurement resource, including 50+ years experience solving the most difficult applications.

Flow Technology's turbine, positive displacement (PD), electromagnetic (MAG) and ultrasonic flowmeter lines are used in a wide range of liquid and gas flow sensing applications across numerous industries.

Turbine Flow Meters Electromagnetic Flow Meters
  • High accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Very compact
  • Ideally for low viscosities <500 cSt
  • Liquid and gases
  • Custom-designed flow meters available!
  • High accuracy
  • High turndown
  • Sanitary & industrial versions
  • Fluid must be conductive
  • Non intrusive
  • 1/8" to >16"
Ultrasonic Flow Meters Positive Displacement Flow Meters
  • Clamp-on device
  • Non-instrusive
  • Self-diagnostics
  • 1/10" to 12" pipelines
  • Ideal for high viscosities >50 cP
  • High pressure
  • Batching & blending
Flow Meter Calibrators  
  • Primary standards
  • Liquids or gas

NVLAP accreditation  
ISO9001 Certification