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FUSION™ Marine Fuel Management System

Measure Net Diesel Fuel Burn

Today, with fuel prices at record levels, every vessel operator needs to understand and manage the fuel usage of their entire fleet. The FUSION system is an advanced, purpose-built Marine Vessel Fuel Accountability and Management System that provides a means to accurately measure, record, report and display the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency of marine vessel engines.

FUSION is designed to measure the net fuel burned of propulsion engines and generators. Whether the vessel uses mechanical or electrical propulsion, or if the propulsion is by fixed or controllable pitch propellers, the FUSION system is fully configurable to suit any type of vessel.

FUSION can measure just about any type of marine fuel, including distillate fuels, such as MGO and MDO; and residual IFO fuels. It automatically compensates for varying fuel temperatures, producing highly accurate measurement of fuel consumption and engine efficiency. Highly robust, FUSION has been proven to withstand the harsh environment of a vessel engine room.

FUSION Fuel Accountability and Management System

System Capability

  • Measures the net burn of marine vessel engines
  • Real-time sunlight readable wheelhouse display of fuel consumption and fuel efficiency
  • Optimized fuel usage for any weather or sea conditions
  • Stores all fuel and engine efficiency data for later trending analysis
  • Fail-open geometry fuel flow meters for uncompromized vessel safety
  • Designed and tested for the harsh environment of an engine room
  • Flow measurement accurate to better than ± 0.25%
  • Suitable for every type of marine vessel
  • Suitable for all main marine diesel fuels including IFO
  • Data download - USB, or Satellite, or GPRS


  • Improved fuel efficiency, reduced fuel costs
  • Truly measure the effectiveness of fuel savings strategies
  • Improved engine maintenance planning
  • Reduced vessel down-time
  • Air emissions statistics (air mass and fuel mass flows)
  • ISO 14001 records

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