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Flowmeter Manufacturing Solutions Technical Articles & White Papers

Each of the following links will either display a flow meter technical paper in PDF format or an article in HTML. The flow meter technical white papers require registration before accessing the PDF file.

Flowmeter Technical Papers


Ceramic Ball Bearings
Flow Technology has extended the application range of its FT & HS Turbine Flow Meter series through the introduction of ceramic ball bearings that provide superior performance & corrosion resistance over traditional stainless steel and journal bearings in process applications.

Smart Turbine Flow Meters Improve Flow Sensing Performance in the Aerospace Industry (registration required)
This technical paper describes the use of turbine flow meter in typical aerospace applications and how the accuracy is enhanced using 'smart' electronics.

Selection and Calibration of a Turbine Flow Meter (registration required)
This technical paper describes the operation of a turbine flow meter, calibration systems, viscosity effects and real time correction for viscosity and density variations

Flow Technology Flies Around the World With Global Flyer (registration required)
This article published in Aerospace Engineering, "Breaking records via fuel management," describes the use of a turbine flow meter to measure fuel burn by the turbofan engine across the flight envelope.


Flow Meter Articles


**NEW**Flowmetering Challenges & Considerations (registration required) Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Magazine article examines the types of flow meters for aerospace applications.

Modern Electronics Meet Turbine Flow Meters, Measurement & Control
High accuracy, exceptional turndown, repeatability and speed of response have made turbine flow meters the choice for obtaining precise flow measurements in liquids and gases.

Flow Calibration: Heart of Flow Meter Accuracy, Intech
Some industrial users of flow meters develop a false sense of security by merely performing frequent calibrations without really understanding the implications of calibration uncertainties and errors.

A Primer on Flow Meter Calibration Techniques – Methods for Assessing the Performance of Your Measurement System (registration required)
In today's industrial marketplace, where many companies must adhere to strict specifications to ensure quality standards are met, proper flow meter calibration has never been more critical.

Turbine Flow Meters Will Never Be the Same, Measurement & Control
With the advent of modern microprocessor technology and the development of advanced fluid conditioning techniques, it is safe to say that turbine flow meters will never be the same.